Treating Anxiety & Stress at the Source,
for your Enjoyment of Life

Hi I'm James, and I help people overcome stress, anxiety, and other related challenges.

Treating Anxiety & Stress at the Source,
for your Enjoyment of Life

Hi I'm James, and I help people overcome stress, anxiety, and other related challenges.

Working in-person in London and online with international clients, I meet many successful and inspiring people - but something is holding them back from fully enjoying their lives:

  • They might feel stressed, tense, nervous or restless; maybe they get vague feelings of fear or worry; or maybe they actually feel okay - but they're experiencing other issues such as...
  • Stubborn physical symptoms, which might prove resistant to medical treatment: Common examples including heart palpitations, dizziness, chronic pain, stomach problems, sensations like tingling or coldness, or many others.
  • They might experience panic attacks or sudden, strong feelings like panic or fear.
  • Many worry about their health. They may think they push themselves too hard. They might find it hard to 'switch off'; or feel a struggle to maintain or build on their success; or perhaps they want a better work/life balance, but aren't sure how to make that change. Some report feeling unfulfilled or unhappy.

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety differently - these are just a few examples. If any of this sounds familiar, let’s have a conversation to see whether I can help you.  I experienced this myself before overcoming these challenges with QCH Therapy and Coaching, and now I help others do the same.

“This has transformed every sphere of my life in a positive way, such that I have only distant memories of how I used to be before I started the therapy.” – Nia, Economic Advisor

“I was struggling with stress and anxiety which would lead to depression… James helped me to make the change I wanted but wasn’t sure was possible.” – David, Project Manager, Age 33

James Cormack, Anxiety & Stress Specialist

My Story: How I Overcame Stress & Anxiety

I had a successful career in the City of London.  I felt proud of my achievements, and I knew I was very fortunate.

However, I had physical symptoms including heart palpitations, dizziness, restlessness and chronic pain in my hands that threatened my career.  I didn't know why I had these symptoms - many doctors were unable to help - and I worried for my future health as they escalated.

I also began to notice that whatever I achieved, whatever goal I chose next, looking back I wasn't fulfilled. 


I escaped the stress of the office and travelled.  I was privileged to have some fantastic experiences, but my physical symptoms, health concerns and inability to switch off continued; and over time I felt unfulfilled once again.  

Eventually, a cardiologist diagnosed me with stress and anxiety. I was shocked, because I didn't feel stressed or anxious at all. I later learned that we all experience stress and anxiety differently - in my case I barely felt them at all, and they mostly appeared as physical symptoms.


Luckily, I found some incredible therapists that helped me understand my condition; de-stress; move towards fulfilment; overcome my symptoms; and enjoy life more than ever.

I regained the feeling of healthiness and resilience, mentally and physically.  These days the stress in my life is generally the good kind, and when a challenge comes my way, my response is healthier and more effective.

These changes gave me the freedom to pursue the best version of myself, and I decided to find out more about ways to alleviate the effects of stress & anxiety so that I could help others. I eventually qualified as a QCH Therapist and Coach specialising in stress & anxiety.


Ultimately, overcoming stress & anxiety allowed me to enjoy life more. It's a pleasure to help others overcome their own challenges: arrange an Initial Conversation with me to explore how you can move forward, too.


Wishing you the best of luck on your journey,


“James has helped me through some of the toughest moments of my life… This is the kind of person you want to have in your corner when times are tough” – Adam, Finance Professional

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