I don’t feel “stressed” or “anxious”… But could I have a stress or anxiety problem?

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Years ago, when a cardiologist first suggested I had stress and anxiety, I felt completely misunderstood. I’d never felt ‘stressed’ or ‘anxious’ in a significant way, so it felt like an absurd suggestion.


But I later learned that everybody experiences stress differently – in fact some people don’t feel ‘stressed’ at all, while others may feel viscerally “stressed out” or “anxious”.  The same goes for physical symptoms:  Everyone’s different.

Yes, there are emotions or feelings we call “stress”, “anxiety”, and “panic”.  But those are different to the health issues of stress, anxiety and panic:  And the former don’t necessarily come together with the latter.

So if you don’t feel stressed out or anxious, how do you know if you have a stress or anxiety problem?

The question is whether you have any other symptoms that are associated with stress or anxiety.  (If you’re reading this article, I guess you have some suspicions already.)

For example, while I didn’t feel stressed, I did have persistent chronic pain, heart palpitations, dizziness, ‘fluttering’ sensations in my chest, restlessness, etc (all classic symptoms of stress and anxiety). And after they didn’t respond to medication, physiotherapy, etc., I finally discovered that stress might be the underlying cause.

As I explored possible causes of stress, it clicked into place:  My lifestyle and my patterns of behaviour were clearly causing me psychological stress.  And when I started treating my symptoms using approaches designed for psychogenic, stress-based symptoms, they diminished rapidly.


So if, like me, you don’t feel stressed out or anxious – but you’re showing other signs of ‘stress’ or ‘anxiety’ – I’d recommend exploring further.  Even if you feel calm and perform well under pressure, stress can still be behind those unwanted issues affecting your mind and body.

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