Do you “Hedge” how you feel?

I’d like to help you feel better generally, and protect your emotional state from the inevitable ups and downs in life; to ‘hedge’ how you feel. I’ve found this to be a simple but powerful concept that’s helped me countless times.

1. Let’s imagine you have only one major pursuit in life, such as your job. All jobs have their ups and downs, so when the job’s going better, you’ll generally feel better; when it’s more difficult or boring or otherwise negative, you feel worse. Here you’re not protected or hedged in any way: You’re riding the unpredictable ups and downs of your job and generally, this leads to ups and downs in how you feel.

2. Now let’s say you have two major pursuits in life: Your job, and a hobby. The job will have its ups and downs, and the hobby will too. However, it’s unlikely that both will have a ‘down’ at the same time. When the job is on a down, there’s a good chance the hobby is in a better place; when the hobby’s on a down, the job will often be in a better place.

With two major pursuits in life, you’re protecting and hedging how you feel. Even if one pursuit is going badly the other is often going to be okay or going well – so all else equal, you’re generally going to feel better day to day.

3. A third major pursuit in life might hedge you even more – but there can be a challenge to juggling three major pursuits effectively. If we take on too much stuff, that can reduce our efficacy and enjoyment of all of our pursuits.

Personally I find having two major pursuits in life is always better than one; and three or more is great if you put in the necessary work to balance them effectively. On countless occasions I’ve had tough times in one pursuit, but my other pursuit(s) has provided solace, refuge, and helped me feel a lot better. Rarely have they all been ‘down’ at once and on those few occasions I’ve been able to laugh – it’s clearly not my day today!

In reality, many other things can affect how we feel, not just pursuits like jobs and hobbies, but I hope you see the power in this simple way of organising your life. If you’re experiencing emotional or other issues which seem to be linked to something deeper than hobbies or jobs, book a call with me and I’ll be happy to help you find the best way forward for you.

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