Consciousness – why you need it to Overcome Anxiety


One of the challenges of being human is that our mind sometimes avoids uncomfortable truths by reducing our consciousness around those truths.

For example, a deadline is close and we know we should be working – but instead we open YouTube and start watching videos (perhaps almost automatically). Our mind just moved our consciousness onto YouTube, reducing our consciousness around our work. But deep down we know we should be working, and that manifests as a vague feeling of anxiousness and a churning stomach.

Someone might hate their job, but their consciousness remains on daily chores and enjoying the weekend. Deep down they know they should change career, like a ‘glimmer in their consciousness’ – but they let their focus slip back to the daily grind. The unresolved problem causes unconscious stress, contributing to anxiety symptoms which appear without an obvious cause.

Many people with anxiety problems (including me in the past) have some awareness, deep down, of problem(s) or challenge(s) in their life which might be root causes of their anxiety. But instead of being conscious of those possible causes, they keep their consciousness on only managing the symptoms, so their anxiety problems remain. To truly overcome their anxiety, they must become conscious of its root causes, and then resolve them.

To overcome anxiety & related issues, we need to become fully conscious of its root causes, and then resolve them.

If we have work we need to do, we must keep our conscious attention on the work and then do it. If we find ourselves on YouTube we must close it and return our attention to doing the work.

If ‘deep down’ a person hates their job, or has any other significant problems or challenges in their lives, they must move their conscious attention onto that; explore and understand the problem; and then enact a solution.

If we have anxiety, stress or related problems, we must move our conscious attention onto finding and understanding possible causes, and then resolving them. If we don’t know what the causes are, we can move our conscious attention onto getting good help, so we can track down those causes and resolve them.

My clients often start out not knowing what’s causing their anxiety. So we set out on a journey, to find the root causes and resolve them together.

Living consciously like this takes effort and sometimes courage, and nobody does it perfectly all the time. But the effort is well worth it. Living consciously is not only necessary to overcome anxiety, but also to become our best selves. I know I’ll be working on living consciously for the rest of my life, and that it’s a good challenge to have.

Remain aware of whether you’re treating the true causes of your anxiety, or only the symptoms. Identify and explore anything you’ve known ‘deep down’ but have overlooked until now – sometimes it’s right under your nose. You’re becoming more conscious already!

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