Anxiety In Lockdown: Am I Stuck With It?


I hope you’ve been doing alright in lockdown so far.

I wanted to share that I’ve been feeling more anxious and stressed during the coronavirus lockdown compared to before lockdown began. I’m fortunate in that I know how to keep it to low levels – but it’s been challenging.

For many of us, lockdown means uncertainty, feeling restricted, personal and business problems, more anxiety and stress, and worsened mental and physical health issues.

If it’s been tough for you, I feel it too.

And these circumstances raise an important question: If anxiety and stress seem to be higher in lockdown, does that mean we’re stuck with anxiety and stress until lockdown ends? Does it mean there’s no point in trying to overcome anxiety until lockdown finishes?

Based on my personal experience, my clients’ experiences, and what I’m hearing from other therapists and coaches…

…We absolutely can overcome anxiety while in lockdown, and people are making just as much progress in lockdown compared to before lockdown began. I’ll explain why.

Some aspects of overcoming anxiety have got harder, other aspects have gotten easier, but most of the journey to overcoming anxiety remains unchanged by lockdown or coronavirus.

The things that are harder are the obvious difficulties we all know about: Getting enough exercise, handling uncertainty, finances in a lot of cases, home schooling the kids, health related fears and so on.

But other things are now easier. Lockdown is bringing many people’s issues to the fore – issues which were already there, but which were harder to recognise and work on previously. Many people are finding more time to look inwards, do some personal development, or work with a therapist or coach online. In many cases, lockdown is making it easier for people to actually understand their challenges, what’s been causing them, and that opens the door to treating and overcoming them.

Most importantly, the vast majority of the journey to overcoming anxiety is just the same now, during lockdown, as it was before lockdown or coronavirus began.

Even though it may seem like our anxiety is caused by the events and circumstances we’re in (like coronavirus lockdown), in reality anxiety and stress are emotions that are generated internally. Overcoming anxiety and stress is about treating the internal causes of anxiety and stress within us (like limiting beliefs, thoughts or mindsets) – and that’s just the same now as it was before lockdown.

The good news is, while we might not be able to change the events and circumstances around us – we can change the internal causes within us.

I overcame my anxiety & stress because I resolved the internal causes within me, and people are doing the same thing to overcome their anxiety & stress issues during coronavirus lockdown. They’re making lockdown into an opportunity.

Feel free to get in touch if you want some help with this, and have a great rest of day.

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