💭 vs ❤ … Thinking vs Feeling!?


Legendary psychiatrist Carl Jung said: “Nothing inhibits feeling like thinking.”

I and many other people who’ve had anxiety and stress-based problems tend to do a lot of thinking. Thinking is great – but it should be balanced with enough feeling in life, too. 

If we spend too much time thinking – too much time ‘in our head’ – we inadvertently become disconnected with our own emotions. Not being connected with our emotions is a big root cause behind a myriad of anxiety and stress-related symptoms.

Too much ‘thinking’ also means less ‘doing’. Not enough doing can be a source of tension too, by making us frustrated that we aren’t productive enough; perhaps having many dreams and ambitions but seemingly never getting round to achieving them.

To overcome anxiety and become your best self, find a better balance between thinking and feeling. Become more physical; listen to your feelings more closely; do more and think less; notice what happens. This is something I continue to work on in myself – I continue to learn about this.

We don’t need to find the ‘perfect’ balance between thinking and feeling, and we never will. That’s fine. Just do your best to keep it ‘about right’, and like many things in life we can keep readjusting as we go.

If this gave you ideas or resonated with you; if you’d like to chat more or just make a quick comment; feel free to drop me an message. And have a great day.

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