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I’ve always enjoyed being driven, ambitious, striving for and achieving my goals and pushing myself – so when I developed psychological and physical stress symptoms and a cardiologist told me I had anxiety, I was worried that I would have to ‘ease off’; that I might have to lose my drive, my ‘edge’.

I was open to a bit more calmness and relaxation at times, and in certain ways, but I still wanted to live an exciting life, pushing myself, overcoming challenges and enjoying the thrill of achieving great things. But I had no idea whether I could keep that lifestyle while also overcoming anxiety & stress.

Thankfully I had nothing to worry about. Years after overcoming anxiety and stress, I am more effective, capable, high-achieving and successful than ever before in my life – across more areas of life.

How did I reduce stress and anxiety but also continue, even increase my drive, performance and success?

In a nutshell: Like most people, it turned out I had hidden root causes of stress and anxiety – and by treating those root causes, I reduced my anxiety and stress while keeping a lifestyle of drive, ambition and achievement.

Root causes are invisible and internal, and they are unique to each of us. For example, we might be missing something in our lives (perhaps a lack of meaning or an unmet need); we might be missing some knowledge about ourselves or about what leads to a balanced happy life; we may have unhelpful behaviour patterns; or many many other possibilities which can create an underlying, largely unconscious stress or anxiety.

When we treat our root causes – whatever they are – we can de-stress and overcome anxiety without needing to change our driven ambitious lifestyle very much, if at all. The ‘what’ we do can generally stay the same, although the ‘why’ we do it might change in a way that serves us better.

That being said, some people do choose to change ‘what’ they do – for example I decided to change my career. But those are conscious, empowered decisions, made only if they serve us to become our best selves.

In myself and in others, I’ve seen that we can overcome anxiety and stress without giving up what we love. If you love to push yourself and aspire to great things, I’d love to help you keep doing that and create the best version of yourself and your life.

Do you want to overcome anxiety and stress while keeping your drive, your edge, your ambitious lifestyle? If so I can probably help. Send me a message and I’ll be in touch.

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