Perfectionism Causes Anxiety, Burnout, Stress Symptoms!? [Video]


This year my anxiety & stress symptoms came back – I discovered the hidden cause was perfectionism and treated it. I made this video explaining it all because I believe it could help you overcome your own anxiety & stress challenges (whether or not perfectionism affects you too).

If you’re struggling with anxiety, stress symptoms, burnout and related issues; and especially if you’re also a perfectionist; this video is for you.

For years I viewed my perfectionism as a strength… But after a lot of work myself, I was amazed to learn my perfectionism had been underlying my anxiety, stress symptoms, burnout and other mental health issues… As well as procrastination and creative blockages, a lack of fulfilment, and an inability to be the real me.

We live in a society that often views perfectionism as a positive trait — not nearly enough people are talking about the dark side of perfectionism.

If you’re ready to explore any of this more deeply and break free of your old challenges, you can request an initial conversation on the contact page.

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