1 Understanding Which Alleviates Anxiety, Burnout, Insomnia & Perfectionism


One of the most important but little known things that can help with anxiety, burnout, insomnia and perfectionism is a specific understanding:

Understanding the true nature of your own Thought.

The problem is that when we’re catastrophising or our thought’s spinning or spiralling, our thought seems real, and we get sucked into it. At that point we’re on the emotional rollercoaster with our own thought. We all know how that creates and exacerbates stress, anxiety and sleep problems.

The solution is, ultimately, to understand the true nature of your own thought:

Your thought is not reality, and it’s not you. It’s just a phenomenon being created by your own mind.

You are just an observer of your thought.

Just by understanding that, power is taken out of your Thought in a helpful way. It makes it easier to remain just an observer of your thought, instead of getting sucked into it. You’re more and more able to watch the rollercoaster happen rather than being on it.

Furthermore, this understanding has many layers. The deeper into it you go through those layers, the more beneficial the understanding gets; and the more easily you’ll remember it when it matters. In fact the journey of deepening into this understanding can last a lifetime.

This understanding is rooted in ancient Eastern wisdom; it’s been around for millennia, and that’s because it helps, greatly.

I hope this introduction has intrigued you or helped you get some new perspective on your own Thought. That’s the beginning of a new, healthier relationship with it!

Contact me if you want to explore this further.

Best wishes,

James Cormack

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