How Perfectionism causes Anxiety, Burnout & Unfulfillment


In this 1 minute video I summarise how perfectionism causes anxiety, burnout, stress symptoms, overwhelm and a lack of fulfilment.

Perfectionism is an avoidance of imperfection – but life itself is 99% imperfect. Therefore perfectionism puts us in a constant state of avoidance, even in constant ‘fight or flight’.

The journey to success and creating the life we want is also inevitably filled with imperfection. The road to success is always filled with setbacks. We’re trying to push through those imperfections and move forward, meanwhile our perfectionism is trying to keep us away from that same imperfection. We’re fighting against ourselves, and it’s a very stressful place, prone to burnout.

And when we do achieve what we want, we discover life is still imperfect – no matter how great those achievements are. But perfectionism keeps pushing us to get away from that imperfection. It prevents us from being still, present, touched by life and fulfilled.

To be able to create the life we want, and to be able to enjoy it and be fulfilled in it, we need to treat perfectionism itself.

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