Perfectionists with Anxiety or Burnout BEWARE this Trap!


If you’re a perfectionist experiencing anxiety, burnout, stress symptoms, overwhelm or related symptoms, you must avoid this trap in order to overcome your difficulties and get back good health, happiness and fulfilment! (1 minute video)

Perfectionism is a hidden cause of anxiety, burnout and related issues.

But to a perfectionist, perfectionism may also seem to be a helpful thing, contributing to various successes and achievements in life.

For that reason a lot of perfectionists try to hold onto their perfectionism – but that means it continues to cause more health symptoms and struggles, building up over time.

Here’s what you need to know to avoid this trap:

You would in fact be far more productive and successful without your perfectionism.

Some times, in some areas of your life and some specific tasks, your perfectionism may have led to success.

But if you zoom out and look at all areas of your life, over time, you will find that overall it is reducing your productivity and success, as well as your health and happiness – not improving it!

The further you go in overcoming your perfectionism, the more clearly you’ll see that perfectionism was really holding you back in life, not helping you!

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James Cormack

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