What Would Happen If I Let Go Of Perfectionism? Audio


Perfectionism is a hidden cause of anxiety, stress symptoms, burnout and related issues.

So what would actually happen if you let go of perfectionism? What would you be like; what would your life be like; what would your work life, relationships and personal life be like?

For me, letting go of perfectionism has led to improvement in all of those areas of life, as well as less stress and anxiety related symptoms and struggles.

You need to understand that perfectionism is mostly unconscious thought and emotion, and it distorts our perceptions and decision making.

Treating perfectionism involves healing the unconscious thought and emotion causing it. That unconscious change then ripples through us, and manifests naturally and automatically as differences in how we behave, feel, think, perceive things and relate with others.

I’ve found those changes to be hugely positive, and I recommend that any perfectionists experiencing anxiety, burnout or other stress related issues consider treating their perfectionism itself.

If you’d like to learn more, I’ve just recorded an audio all about this, where you can learn more about what happens as we evolve out of perfectionism and the benefits I’ve experienced in my life so far. You can get it in my Stop Perfectionism Causing Anxiety & Burnout starter guide. Enjoy!

Best wishes,

James Cormack

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