Anxiety is created inside of us.
The solution to anxiety is also inside of us.

It’s time to stop your anxiety

Anxiety is created inside of us...

Our brain uses unconscious thought to decide what feelings and emotions we feel; control physical functions like our heart rate or digestive system; and affect our memory, imagination, inner dialogue & behaviour.

So anxiety (and all the mental, emotional and physical symptoms linked to it) is thought, and the consequences of thoughtAnxiety is created inside of us.

It often seems like circumstances outside of us cause anxiety. But in fact our mind perceives those outside circumstances, and then uses thought to decide whether to create anxiety within us.

...The solution to anxiety is Also inside of us.

Anxiety is created by unconscious thought…. So the solution to anxiety is a change in our thought. The solution is inside of us.

But how do we make our unconscious thought change, so that our anxiety can reduce and stop?

We can’t force our thought to change, but we can enable it to change so that it changes when it’s ready. One crucial way to enable our thought to change is with Understanding.

Understanding enables Anxiety to Reduce

We’ve all experienced moments when we got a new insight or perspective and “something clicked”: We suddenly felt better; clearer; calmer; different. 

In those moments you got new Understanding, which enabled thought to change. Thought changed so your emotions, feelings & perception changed too. Your circumstances were the same, but you suddenly felt better!

With enough change in thought, our whole experience & emotional state can change. That’s how to overcome anxiety! And Understanding is one way to enable that change.


The Solution To Anxiety Is Within You. Find Out How To Enable It

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