The Anxiety Shapeshifter [Eco-Anxiety] [Health Anxiety]

Stress and anxiety are very good at spreading from one context to another without us realising.

It’s a bit like the mythical “shapeshifter”, Harry Potter style, changing its form to fit into different situations.

Suppose we’re having a particularly difficult time at work, with emotions riding high. Heart rate might be raised, our thinking less clear.

What happens when we get home and stop thinking about work?

If we still have some stress and anxiety ‘hanging in the background’, the mind may keep looking for reasons for feeling that stress and anxiety.

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Panic & Anxiety Attacks – The Hidden Cause

Panic & anxiety attacks might seem to happen “for no apparent reason” – but hidden ‘behind the scenes’ there’s a common underlying cause.

Some people experience them more strongly than others, and they typically include symptoms like:

  • A feeling of panic or anxiety, sometimes doom or fear of death
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Chest pains
  • Lightheadedness and shortness of breath / a sense you can’t breathe enough air (caused by hyperventilation)

Panic and anxiety attacks occur due to a type of issue involving our unconscious mind1, which you could think about as an “unconscious malfunction”.

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