How To Stop Your Anxiety: What You Must Know. Prevent It Ruining Your Life, Career & Relationships

Hi I'm James Cormack, and I stopped my anxiety - I then dedicated myself to helping other people stop their anxiety too. If you want to know how I stopped my anxiety and how I help other people stop theirs, read on.

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I spent years suffering with anxiety, and years fighting symptoms trying to manage it. I was trying to make my health, career, relationships and life circumstances better in an attempt to reduce my anxiety – it was a struggle, and it never totally stopped my anxiety.

But after a long journey of books, therapy, persistence and good luck, I finally got a key insight which allowed me to stop my anxiety for good. It allowed me to get on with enjoying my life, career and relationships. 

That key insight was this:

Anxiety is created inside of us. The solution to anxiety is also inside of us.

Once I really got this insight it allowed me to stop my anxiety, so I’ll break it down and explain it further.

Anxiety & Stress is Created Inside of Us

This is the ultimate truth, because of how our mind, brain and body work.

Our brain uses unconscious thought to decide what feelings and emotions we should feel; to control physical functions (e.g. our heart rate, breathing, digestive system, fight or flight response, etc); and also inner dialogue, imagination, ideas, patterns of thinking and many behaviours. 

Therefore anxiety and stress – and all the feelings, emotions, inner dialogue and imagination, and physical symptoms linked to it – is all ultimately created by unconscious thought.

This can be confusing at first, because it seems like the circumstances outside of us – e.g. a difficult boss, relationship problems, high workload or responsibility, or many other things – are what create our anxiety and stress. But the reality is, our mind perceives those outside circumstances, and then uses unconscious thought to decide whether to create anxiety and stress (including all related symptoms) within us. 

Therefore anxiety & stress are ultimately created inside of us, by unconscious thought. 

It’s not our fault – we didn’t choose to make our unconscious thought give us anxiety. But once we realise that’s been happening, we have the ability to change it!

The Solution to Anxiety is Also Inside of Us

Anxiety & Stress is created inside of us, by unconscious thought…. So the solution to anxiety & stress is a change in our unconscious thought. The solution is inside of us.

We’ve all experienced moments when “something clicked”, when got a new insight or a new perspective on things – and then we suddenly felt better; clearer; calmer; different. In those moments, your unconscious thought changed, so your emotions, feelings and whole experience changed too. Even though your circumstances were the same, you suddenly felt better – all because your unconscious thought changed!

Your unconscious thought changed and made you feel better in that moment… So it can change even more, and make you feel better in life generally! That’s how you can stop your anxiety – you just need enough change in your unconscious thought.

My anxiety stopped when there had been enough change in my unconscious thought. Anxiety is no longer a problem in my life, and I often help other people go on similar journeys.

If you’d like to stop your anxiety, the solution is a change in your unconscious thought. But how do we make our unconscious thought change, so that our anxiety can reduce and stop?

We can’t force our thought to change, but we can enable it to change so that it changes when it’s ready. There are two ways to enable our thought to change: Understanding, and Creating.

What to do next

This article is a very brief introduction to how to stop your anxiety, but perhaps you’re starting to see what’s possible.

If you want to stop your anxiety, I wrote a free ebook for you called “3 keys to stop your anxiety”. I wrote it to help people enable their thought to change, so that their anxiety and stress can reduce and stop. It goes more deeply into what I’ve introduced on this page, and helps you begin to get Understanding and Creating so that you can stop your anxiety, too. 

You can download that ebook below, and I hope you find it insightful. 

Best wishes,