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In time your feelings and symptoms will pass naturally, but I can give you instant relief. My name's James Cormack and I used to experience severe anxiety and stress symptoms, but I overcame them and became an anxiety & stress specialist 1.

I've created a free relaxation audio to guide you into a natural state called a relaxation response, which counteracts anxiety, stress & related symptoms; improves your health; helps you feel calmer, think more clearly and sleep better. Get it now.

How It Works

The Relaxation Response is experienced during guided meditation and other relaxing practices. It's your mind and body’s natural ability to make your muscles and organs slow down, and increase blood flow to the brain (via the release of certain chemicals and brain signals).

The relaxation response essentially has the opposite effect on the body to unhealthy stress, and can be a powerful way to reduce unhealthy stress and help bring the body back to pre-unhealthy-stress levels. Learn more: psychologytoday.com.

Guided relaxation is a powerful way to turn on the relaxation response. I made this audio using specific language patterns and other tools to achieve a deeper relaxation response, more quickly, each time you listen.

How To Use The Audio

  • Fill in the below form, you'll get the audio by email
  • Sit or lie somewhere comfortable where you won't be disturbed.
  • Close your eyes and listen to the audio (18 minutes).
    Do not listen while driving, operating machinery or in the bath; the audio will make you tired and distract your attention. Do not listen if you have epilepsy.
  • Listen whenever you like, as often as you like. Many people listen before bed to help them sleep better.
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      I’m James Cormack, an Anxiety & Stress Specialist based in London.  I personally overcame stress, anxiety and related chronic health issues and now I use cutting edge techniques to help my clients do the same. 

      The relaxation audio on this page is a great start to overcome your anxiety and stress, and I'll send followup emails with more free help and guidance. You can learn more about me here, and if you'd like to talk one-to-one I offer a no-cost, no-obligation Initial Conversation.