How I can help you

I help my clients overcome a wide range of challenges and make positive improvements in their lives. I aim for the most powerful and efficient improvement possible, utilising the evidence-based Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy which greatly helped me overcome my own challenges. Every treatment programme is bespoke, with a holistic ‘whole person’ approach specific to you.

Stress & Anxiety

As I experienced myself, QCH (Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy) and Coaching can be effective in returning you to a calmer, healthier state - so you can focus on enjoying life more.  

Stress might be something you feel or sense in your body, or you may have an awareness or belief that you’re under an unhealthy amount of pressure.  Whether that stress is coming from external influences or from within you, it can put your body into a protective mode (the “fight, flight or freeze” response) for an unhealthy amount of time.

Similarly, anxiety is where something you anticipate in future causes that protective response.  You may already be aware of upcoming concerns causing an anxious response in you - alternatively, you might not be fully aware of the thoughts that cause an anxious response.

This can lead to a wide range of physical and mental health problems:  A weakened immune system, bad sleep, skin conditions, panic attacks, psychogenic health symptoms, fat gain, heart disease and many more.

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“The therapy experience with James was great… I recommend James, he is professional, very kind and empathetic” – Martina, Legal Professional

Panic attacks

In some cases the body’s protection response (activated by stress & anxiety) can cause a ‘panic attack’, a more acute and strong reaction.

Perhaps your panic attacks have a specific trigger, or maybe they occur more generally.  Either way, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching can help lessen the symptoms and tackle the underlying causes - bringing you the freedom to get on with enjoying life.

Pain control / pain management / pain reduction

For example:  chronic pain (anywhere in the body, eg back pain, chronic headaches and migraines)

After conventional medicine didn't help me, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching alleviated my chronic pain (and other physical symptoms), letting me get back to enjoying life.  

Modern medical research (in fields like PNEI, psychoneuroendoimmunology) is explaining why many pains can be ‘psychogenic’:  Either caused, or worsened, by psychological stress.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching can be effective in both reducing the pain itself and in resolving its psychological cause.

With physical symptoms, always start by seeing your medical doctor and following their advice and treatment.  If symptoms persist, you could consider whether there’s a psychogenic component.

Physical health issues

For example:  IBS, heart palpitations, hyperventilation (leading to light-headedness and dizziness), chronic pains (anywhere in the body, eg back pain, chronic headaches and migraines), allergies, IBS, asthma, PMT

After conventional medicine didn't help me, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching alleviated my physical health issues (and chronic pain), letting me get back to enjoying life.  

Modern research (in fields like PNEI, psychoneuroendoimmunology) is explaining why many physical symptoms can be ‘psychogenic’:  Either caused, or worsened, by psychological stress.  

The range of possible symptoms is extremely broad - a few examples are listed above. If a physical symptom is psychogenic, physical treatments may tackle the symptom but not the cause.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching can be effective in both reducing physical symptoms and resolving their psychological cause.

With physical symptoms, always start by seeing your medical doctor and following their advice and treatment.  If symptoms persist, you could consider whether there’s a psychogenic component.

Confidence Issues and Self Esteem

Working on my confidence and self-esteem with Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching changed my life, and now I enjoy seeing that change in other people too.

We all have different reasons for low confidence and self-esteem, and practically everyone can improve it.  When they do it can have positively impact their entire lives.  

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching is a powerful combination for improving confidence and self esteem, allowing you to take your enjoyment of life to new levels.   What would you do differently if you had more confidence?


“James has given me a step change improvement in my confidence… Fully recommended” – Simon, Scientist, West London


For example: fear of public speaking (social anxiety), flying, spiders, snakes, heights, panic attacks, agoraphobia, fear of anything

Whatever your phobia is; whatever may have caused it; whether it causes fear, or other emotions like disgust...  Cognitive Hypnotherapy can effectively diminish and remove it.  

Perhaps your phobia is inconvenient and annoying, or perhaps it’s caused severe limitations to your enjoyment of life.  Either way, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is widely known to be an effective treatment, and I regularly enjoy seeing my clients break free of their irrational responses.

What would you do differently if you no longer had your phobia?


For example: interviews, public speaking, auditions, stage fright, exams, driving tests, perfectionism, procrastination, wedding day nerves, motivations, creativity, patience

When experiencing your interview or exam nerves or public speaking, do you get butterflies in your stomach, a flushed face, raised pulse, faster breathing?  Shaking in your hands or in your voice?  Does your fear hold you back in your life or career?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching can be used to retrain your brain to feel more confident, safe, and at ease in these situations.  What could you achieve if you overcame this?

Obsessions, Compulsions, Habits and Addictions

For example: smoking and vaping, alcohol/problem drinking/alcoholism, gambling, shopping, sugar, chocolate, binge drinking, sex addiction. Habits such as nail biting, skin/lip picking, knuckle cracking, bruxism (teeth grinding), trichotillomania (hair pulling), bladder control, nervous cough.

Obsessions, habits, addictions and compulsions can be damaging to our quality of life.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to stop a habit and to tackle any underlying psychological causes.

How would you feel if you broke free from this behaviour?

Weight Loss, Eating Habits

Have you tried to lose weight before but found it doesn’t work, or the change isn’t permanent?

Sometimes we eat and gain weight for psychological reasons like stress, habits or for emotional reasons.  Regular diet and exercise won’t tackle these causes, but Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching is a powerful way to resolve them.

We can also use Coaching to make sure you achieve your goals in a permanent way, and Cognitive Hypnotherapy to make changes to your behaviour easier and faster.

Let’s work towards a future where you are able to enjoy yourself and feel confident, in a healthy and natural way.

Eating Disorders

For example: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, Binge Eating Syndrome

Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Syndrome are behavioural problems with a destructive effect on a person and those around them.  Untreated they can severely damage a person’s health.

Psychological reasons are often the underlying cause of these disorders.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching are ideal tools for dealing with these issues, helping a person understand their mind and why it causes this destructive behaviour.

We focus on sustainable, long-term and healthy changes to the way you think and the way your mind works, leading to improved patterns of eating over time.

Sports Performance

For example: golf, tennis, rugby, running, football, snooker, cricket, martial arts, climbing...  Any sport

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be used to help an athlete get into their 'zone', to 'get out of their own way', and to gain understanding and control over their mindset leading to improved sporting performance.

It can also be used to overcome problems in performance, such as situations where an athlete falls into the wrong mindset and their performance suffers.

"Competitive toughness is an acquired skill and not an inherited gift." ~ Christine Evert "It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves." ~ Edmund Hillary


There are various different causes of depression.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you change old ways of thinking and behaving, and improve your outlook for the future.

By letting go of old negative thoughts and feelings, and replacing them with new perspectives you can create positive changes that spread throughout your life.

Emotional Issues

For example: mood swings, anger, road rage, swearing, guilt, forgiveness

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your anger, fear or another emotion?   Do you lose control to your emotions or feelings (sometimes called ‘emotional hijacking’)?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be used to understand why you’re experiencing these strong emotions and and help you take control of them, so you can move on to feeling better.


For example: natural conception, IVF, ICSI

Modern research (in fields like PNEI, psychoneuroendoimmunology) is explaining how our mind and thoughts are directly connected to our bodies.

Because of this link, Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be used to help you take control of your fertility.  Discover how you can make a positive contribution to this process.

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For example: insomnia, sleep disturbances, sleep apnea/apnoea, snoring, sleep talking, sleep walking, nightmares

Dealing with your sleep issues can significantly improve quality of life - whether for you or for a partner.

The underlying cause of many sleep issues is not being in a deep sleep - perhaps because your mind is continuing to thinking or worry about things. Cognitive Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis can help you deepen your sleep and overcome your sleeping issues.

Relationship Issues

For example: dating confidence, rebuilding trust, sexual problems, loneliness, jealousy, grief, bereavement

Relationships, love and sex are important but often challenging aspects of our lives.

Perhaps you have problems building relationships:  Maybe past experiences are affecting your confidence or trust, and leading to negativity.  Maybe it's a difficult maintaining them, or perhaps you're facing challenges in a relationship at the moment.

If you seem to attract the ‘wrong’ partner we can explore the reasons for this and overcome it once and for all.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching can provide many insights, tools and a lot of knowledge to help.  Working together, we can help you understand yourself, your partner and other people better, and move forward to a healthier, happier and more enjoyable relationship.

Overcome Trauma

For example: PTSD

Trauma can cause the brain to behave differently, leading to anxiety, depression, flashbacks, and sleeping issues.  The unconscious, instinctive part of us can be affected.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy (including Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT; NLP; and more) we can change how the brain processes these memories, relieving symptoms and surmounting this challenge.

PTSD can be overcome, whether it's from a recent experience or has been ongoing for many years.

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Personal Coaching

Maybe you feel stuck and you're not sure where you're going, or perhaps you know what you want to achieve, but you aren't sure how to get there.  Maybe you want to accelerate changes you're already making in your life or career.

You have the solutions and the resources to achieve your goals.  As a coach I can help you find your untapped resources, skills and motivations; clarify your dreams and goals, and take action.

Additionally, as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I can assist you with any challenges you may face on your journey - for example if you find confidence is holding you back, we can use Cognitive Hypnotherapy to tackle that, allowing you to make new progress.

Cognitive hypnotherapy and Coaching applies to anything related to the mind.

Whatever your current situation, arrange a no cost Initial Conversation with me to discuss how you can overcome your specific challenges.